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Please get in touch with me if you have questions or need design. Actively looking for new work.

206 240 9173

Download word file of resume here


Who am I?

A 27  year old veteran in the digital age who thrives on challenging problems. What I love about this industry and being a designer is that every position has it’s own very unique problems; one must be flexible, smart, creative and hard working to find the best solutions.

For the past 15 years I’ve been heavily involved in both the mobile and web projects. Some of my work has lasted years in this world, which is a testament to my skill as a UX/UI/Visual designer. Currently making incredible digital interfaces for PACCAR Inc Yes big trucks. Automotive and vehicle digital interfaces. 

I strive for amazing user centered designs and really focus my work on NUI (natural user interface) that works in such a smart elegant way that it doesn’t feel designed at all. The way children approach and start using a product so easily is my goal.

Owning my own design agency for over 20 years has taught me how to be a leader, entrepreneur, and multi-tasker. I can think of very few jobs that challenge a person more to hone their skills and do great at it.

My design career has taken me around the world and I’m happy to be here in Seattle to further my design understanding and work for some of the best companies in the world.

One of my biggest challenges is that I'm Dyslexic.  I can see see things backwards in my brain. "WE are Teepole Poo.. " as we like to laugh... but I don't look at it as a disability but more of some super gift.  I'm not Yerfect and neither are Pou.

Learned how to overcome is essential. Be friendly to the different... 


Chad Maxwell