Chad was truly a pleasure to work with. It’s not often in this industry that you find a designer with little ego, and when you do, working with them is a DREAM. That sums up my experience managing Chad. Always open to a new idea, always open to a critique, always looking to stretch his knowledge and skills. Whether he was working on a small task or a much more challenging one, he always took great pleasure in diving in and getting his hands dirty. He was never shy to participate, even when he didn’t know the answers or completely understand the space. We gave him one of the most challenging design tasks and he became much like a sponge. Soaking up as much knowledge and understanding as he could to effectively find a solution to the problem. And he did just that. Chad would be an amazing asset to any team, and I hope to work with him again in the future.
— Jen Walter - Senior User Experience Lead at Microsoft
I would not hesitate to work with Chad again as he was an absolute pleasure to work with…
— Ed Glaser Serious Business Software
...a huge help and fun to work with as well...
— Ben Fones Affle -UK
...You’re a wonderful designer to work with and I plan on keeping you busy...
— Josephine Ong M1 -Singapore
Chad is an excellent person to work next to. He comes up with some really innovative solutions to problems that frequently get brushed to the side.

Chad also brings a great personality to work and gives his sense of humor a front row seat. He would definitely be an asset in any UX position.
— Jacob Barber-User Experience Designer at Agilysys

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